Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crane,the 4th book in the Five Ancestors series

This past week I read the 4th book in the Five Ancestors Series,Crane.Hok has hidden,disguised as a boy in Canghzen Temple for 9 years.When Canghzen is destroyed Hok flees to Shaolin Temple.When Shaolin is also destroyed Hok is blamed for it.Hok fights general Tsung (Monk) and gets her arm broken.She gets to the Yellow River then,after waiting a long time she is rescued by Charles a Dutch boy who knows Hoks mother.Hok reunites with her mother,Bing(Ice) and her little sister,GongJee(Princess).Hok trains to perform at The Dragon Boat festival.When the festival arrives some of the Resistance also arrives.Hok,Bing,GongJee,Charles and the Bandits (the Resistance) are at the festival attacked by Tonglong and his men.This book is awesome.