Saturday, February 5, 2011

the 39 clues by a whole bunch of authors (I'm serious)

The 39 clues...It's a scavenger hunt,simple, right? But,I'm afraid it's a deadly scavenger hunt. I mean,imagine your cousin saying yo,what's up cuz? with a knife at your throat.Scary huh? it is for Amy and Dan Cahill.In the first book Amy and Dan look for the maze of bones and then it's of to Mozart's house for the next clue.Wow,hold up,I've told you to much,go read the series (make sure NOT to read out of order).

Monday, January 24, 2011

the Familiars by Adam Jay Epstien and Andrew Jacobson

The Familiars is about a black and white Alley cat who ducks into a pet store and then is suddenly chosen as a young wizard's companion,his familiar.Aldwyn,our favorite street rat (or should I say street cat) lies about having magical powers and is tossed into a quest to save his loyal.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crane,the 4th book in the Five Ancestors series

This past week I read the 4th book in the Five Ancestors Series,Crane.Hok has hidden,disguised as a boy in Canghzen Temple for 9 years.When Canghzen is destroyed Hok flees to Shaolin Temple.When Shaolin is also destroyed Hok is blamed for it.Hok fights general Tsung (Monk) and gets her arm broken.She gets to the Yellow River then,after waiting a long time she is rescued by Charles a Dutch boy who knows Hoks mother.Hok reunites with her mother,Bing(Ice) and her little sister,GongJee(Princess).Hok trains to perform at The Dragon Boat festival.When the festival arrives some of the Resistance also arrives.Hok,Bing,GongJee,Charles and the Bandits (the Resistance) are at the festival attacked by Tonglong and his men.This book is awesome.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before you read this book by Jeff Stone,Dragon you should finish Mouse otherwise you won't know what the characters are talking about.Long (Dragon) had become Fight Club Grand Champion and the number one enemy of the state.The Emperors personal bodyguard's father, the Western Warlord was killed by Tonglong and now the Emperors personal bodyguard,Xie is the new Western Warlord.The Eastern Warlord is in Tonlongs service and the Emperor is Tonglongs puppet.Every army except the small Resistance and Xie's army is in Tonglongs hands.Long escapes with Xie to meet his brothers and sister,Hok (Crane),Fu (Tiger),Seh (Snake)and last but not least,Malao (Monkey).I hope you like this book I definitely enjoyed it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

This past week I have been reading a book called Mouse,the sixth book in the Five Ancestors series by Jeff Stone (who I met thanks to going to the Blue Marble Book Store).In the Five Ancestors Series the main characters (young kung-fu masters) take on names of animals that signify their kung-fu style.For example:Fu means Tiger in Chinese and Fu uses the Tiger style Kung-Fu.ShaoShu (Mouse) stows away on the enemies boat to help his friends Hok (Crane) and Ying (Dragon).Both of ShaoShu's freinds are young Kung-Fu masters.ShaoShu's friends enemies are the Emperor of China,The General Tonlong (Mantis) and his men including his bodyguard,Lei.ShaoShu had stolen Tonglongs Telescope when he was unluckily caught by Lei's cat,Mao.ShaoShu was first a small thief who could squeeze through small spaces and had a knack for stealing stuff when he tried to steal from two Kung-Fu masters and the world changed for ShaoShu and he was serving Tonglong and caught up in China's affairs. I hope this will give you a good idea of what this book is like.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maniac Magee

The Newberry Award winning book Maniac Magee teaches you about the history of race relations in the United States. Jeffrey Lionel Magee or "Maniac Magee" lost his parents in a tragic accident and had to move to his aunt and uncle's house who had two of everything. Later Maniac runs away during his school play and no one from Holidaysburg, West Pennsylvania ever sees him again.

Maniac Magee really starts when he arrives in Two Mills. When Maniac comes into Two Mills his life you could say...well...his life changes. In fact Two Mills will never be the same.

Maniac Magee is so good I can't think of any book to compare it with. So how about you go ahead and read this book before you pick up another.


Monday, October 5, 2009


Imagine if instead of sailing across the sea you could sail through the air to your destination.  Imagine if instead of pirates of the sea you had to fight off pirates of the air.  Imagine hearing stories of large creatures who spend there whole life in the air and never touch the ground.  This is the world of Matt Cruise

Matt is a cabin boy aboard the airship Aurora.  When he saves a dying balloonists life and meets the balloonists strange granddaughter his life is forever changed.  Matt Cruise's family live on land except for his dad who falls to the water and meets an unexpected death.  Matt Cruise is trying to get the position of junior sail maker like his father was before he died.  

Kenneth Oppel wrote a great book that is full of action.  Airborn is unlike any book I have ever read.