Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Before you read this book by Jeff Stone,Dragon you should finish Mouse otherwise you won't know what the characters are talking about.Long (Dragon) had become Fight Club Grand Champion and the number one enemy of the state.The Emperors personal bodyguard's father, the Western Warlord was killed by Tonglong and now the Emperors personal bodyguard,Xie is the new Western Warlord.The Eastern Warlord is in Tonlongs service and the Emperor is Tonglongs puppet.Every army except the small Resistance and Xie's army is in Tonglongs hands.Long escapes with Xie to meet his brothers and sister,Hok (Crane),Fu (Tiger),Seh (Snake)and last but not least,Malao (Monkey).I hope you like this book I definitely enjoyed it.


  1. Hey Josh - this was a great book review. I have never read anything in this series, but I did read Maniac McGee and I thought you really described it well. It brought lots of memories of fourth grade back to me! Have you read "Holes"? I think you'd like this book. Thanks for sharing your ideas with the world!


  2. I have read Holes and I liked it.I'll try to write a review about soon.