Monday, October 5, 2009


Imagine if instead of sailing across the sea you could sail through the air to your destination.  Imagine if instead of pirates of the sea you had to fight off pirates of the air.  Imagine hearing stories of large creatures who spend there whole life in the air and never touch the ground.  This is the world of Matt Cruise

Matt is a cabin boy aboard the airship Aurora.  When he saves a dying balloonists life and meets the balloonists strange granddaughter his life is forever changed.  Matt Cruise's family live on land except for his dad who falls to the water and meets an unexpected death.  Matt Cruise is trying to get the position of junior sail maker like his father was before he died.  

Kenneth Oppel wrote a great book that is full of action.  Airborn is unlike any book I have ever read.      



  1. I have heard that lots of people have dreams that they can fly - I routinely have dreams that I can breathe underwater. I guess that means I wouldn't really do very well in Matt Cruise's world.

    GP - which world would you rather live in? My underwater world or Matt Cruise's airborne world?